Gee Whiz! Are G Spots a thang?

Dear Yasmine,

Do all women have a G-spot?  Do I? Where do I find it? How do I have a G-spot orgasm?

Gee Whiz in Georgia

Hey Gee,

Don’t we all want to have mind blowing orgasms, all the time? You’ve probably been reading one of your favorite magazines, or a sexy romance story that played up the bone rattling, earth shaking g-spot orgasms! There is a lot of information out there on the G-Spot and the deep, full rich orgasm that it can produce.

Or can it?

The G-spot, or Gräfenberg Spot, is named after the German gynecologist who first “discovered” it. It’s an area of spongy tissue that surrounds the urethra on the vagina wall, curving towards the navel. 

But let’s relax and take a step back. There is no competition on how to have an orgasm, or what kind of orgasm to have.  Being solely focused on having a g-spot orgasm may actually work against you, which is no fun.

First, you need to find out how your own body works, and what works for you sexually.  And you need to be okay with how your body works, because it works differently than my body, then your best girlfriends body, or any other woman. Get what I mean? Being accepting of who you are, loving yourself and not shaming yourself for not being able to orgasm like the heroine in your novel is not going to help you have mind blowing, bone rattling orgasms.

So, first things first, prioritize what works for you.

The g-spot exists, but it may not provide YOU with an orgasm.  It works for some women and not others.

Men know they are aroused by sight.  Women are aroused on many different levels, emotionally, psychologically and physically.  It can take anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes of foreplay to become fully aroused.  Just aiming for the g-spot in hopes of a mindblowing orgasm with-out full arousal is going to lead to disappointment, and a ruined evening.

There are a lot of studies out there about women’s arousal, and we’re learning more all the time about the depth and scope of female arousal.  As the learning continues, we suggest get curious about what makes you tick!  

1.    Feel. Explore your body. Take some quiet time for yourself, get some lube, and investigate.  What feels good, what doesn’t feel good? Your g-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina wall, curving towards your navel. What does it feel like when you’re fully aroused?

2.    Think. What turns you on? What gets you aroused? What does your partner need to do to get you to a place where you can have mind blowing orgasms?

3.    Use a toy. A sex toy can help you explore and find your pleasure spots. It’s always available, and you never need to make plans with it!

4.    Be open. One orgasm is not better than the next. Accept yourself and love yourself will allow you to relax and enjoy pleasure and sensations, which will lead to orgasm.

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