Is there hope for our Sex Life?

Dear Yasmine,

I’ve been with my husband for almost twenty years.  Our sex life is practically non-existent.  I want to have sex, but it seems like our desire has taken a bus to parts unknown.  What can I do to reignite the sexual passion between us?

Yearning for Love

Dear Yearning,

So, you’re looking to reconnect with your partner in bed?  Well, here are some tips for you, but remember, you need to do the first one everyday, and the second one as much as you can. 

You want more sex?  Here’s how….

Couples that have been together for a long while, complain that they don’t have enough sex, or that they are not in the mood.  Here are two simple ways to have more sex, and rekindle a fire that has been missing from your relationships.

  1. You have got to let your partner know that they matter.  They matter ALL THE TIME.  What happens to couples that have been together for a long spell, may have children and possibly high demanding careers, they fail to make time and space for their partner.  Besides the good morning kiss, there must be time to let them know how much they matter.   Expressing interest in your partner on a daily basis is an important way to remind them that they matter and are a priority to you.  Increase touching, look them in the eyes and let them know how great they look, or what they mean to you, or better yet, how well their clothes accentuate their sexy body.  Do this every day, it will lead to more sex. Guaranteed.
  2. The second way to increase the home fires and lead to more sex, is stop allowing excuses to get in the way.  You know the excuses, we’ve all used them.  Like, you’re tired, or you feel fat, or you have more emails to send out.  Or maybe your partner has put on a few pounds and you don’t feel sexually attracted to them like you did when you first were together.  Bullshit!  Start with tip number one and then fake it till you make it. In order to rev up those dormant sexual desire and juices, you’re going to have to put some work into working the machinery.  So if you’re thinking you’d rather binge watch Netflix then be with your partner, shut off the TV, put on some perfume and sexy lingerie, and just get started.  Do this often and it will lead to more sex. Guaranteed.
  3. Spice up the bedroom!  Enhance the bedroom with aromatherapy, new lighting, new sheets and new toys!   We have suggestions for you on aromatherapy to enhance the scent in your bedroom that can also enhance your sex life!  If you’re looking to have fun together, don’t rule out sex toys.  Check out products we love by clicking here.

Good luck!  We know you can do it, and have fun trying.  Look to reconnect with the person you fell in love with, they’re still there!