Why do kegel exercises matter?

Dear Yasmine:

Yasmine, I’ve noticed that when sneezing or coughing I’ve been releasing some urine.  It’s very embarrassing and I’m afraid it will get worse.  My doctor recommended kegel exercises and gave me a pamphlet. Is there anything else I can do?

Kate in Indiana

Dear Kate,

Kegels are the best exercise to strengthen your pelvic muscles. They are easy to do, you can do them anytime without anyone knowing you are working on strengthening your pelvic muscles and girdle.

Our pelvic girdle is imperative to our bowel and gladder continence.  If you are leaking urine when you sneeze or laugh, means your pelvic muscles are weakening.  No time to lose!  Everyday, when you find yourself waiting like at a stop light, in line at the grocery store, or just sitting and watching tv, do your kegel exercises and begin to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

If you aren’t exercising your whole self right now, we urge you to come up with an exercise routine you enjoy.  Pelvic health, and sexual health cannot be isolated. Overall good health and well-being is our intention for you. That means your whole body from top to bottom, inside and outside has to work on becoming healthier and stronger. You can start by taking walks around your neighborhood, running or taking a yoga class.  Add your kegels to your exercise routine. Once you begin to gain strength, add a yoga bridge pose to help strengthen you’re overall core and pelvic muscles.

Once you have your kegel exercises pat, you can add some resistance by purchasing one of the recommended kegel exercise balls that we carry. 

But don’t delay, start today!

Here’s a Simple Kegel Exercise to begin with:

Begin by squeezing, and then releasing your pelvic muscles.

Now hold the release for one count, and squeeze for two counts.  Breathe. Repeat 10 times.

Increase intensity: Work up to squeezing to a count of four, release for two, and relax for two.  Repeat 5 times.

Harder and effective: The Butterfly

Squeeze and release quickly, repeat ten times.


Yoga pose _ bridge.jpg