Beauty of Redwood Trees

When you behold a Sequoia Tree for the first time, you will lose your breath.

The beauty of these giant trees is astounding.  The trunks so large, and deep red, you cannot capture it in a justifiable photo on your phone.  As you crane your neck to look up, you realize you are unable to take in its magnificence in with one look.  Like the Sistine chapel or the Grand Canyon, its beauty is overwhelming.

Place a person next to the trunk of an old growth Sequoia, and you realize how small we are. These trees located in the Sequoia National Park which was established in 1890.  This National Park is home to some of the largest trees in the world like the General Sherman tree.

The trees are old-growth forests, estimated to be over 2700 years old.  The tallest trees rise up 300 feet, and their sturdy trunks are more than 100 fee around making them the largest trees on earth.  There are other redwood trees throughout California, but Sequoias are only found here.

This National Park does not disappoint.  There is something for everyone.

You can admire a waterfall like Tokopah Falls, or Roaring River Falls.  Hikes are short and pleasant.

Take a hike through the trees, or talk a ranger led walk through Giant Forest. Visit the Giant Forest Museum.

The views are amazing!  Climb a short staircase to the top of Moro Rock and see the beauty of the Sierra Nevada all around you.

Visit Mineral King, one of the most beautiful untouched mountain wilderness in California, and yet easily accessible.

Camp overnight at one of the many camp grounds. After dark watch the Milky Way play overhead.

Climate change is real and is being felt in this and many other of our National Parks. Throughout the range where Sequoias are located, they are encountering temperature increases and extreme drought conditions.