Vibrators, lubricants, sexual well-being. Just a few things that we are about! 


We care about your well-being – from head to toe.  That includes your sexual well-being too!

We carry only the best vibrators, lubricants and massage oils for women and their partners.  Shop comfortably from your own home, discreet and free shipping.  Your information is never shared, or sold.

Our women’s vibrator luxury brands include Lelo, Je Joue, Jimmy Jane, Dame, Rianne S, Sola, Womanizer and We-Vibe.  We are adding more, highly rated brands all the time.

Our luxurious lubricants and everyday personal glides for women include Sliquid, Intimate Earth, System Jo, Aloe Cadabra, Good Clean Love, Pjur, Pink and ID Silk.  We are adding more, highly rated lubricants constantly. Check back often for new additions.  


Why did we start Yasmine’s Room?

On the internet there are many sites devoted to women. We searched for information on aging, menopause, sex and the pleasures of life and found most lacking or without information. Many websites pretended women over 45 don’t really exist or are not interested in increasing their pleasure and well-being. Yasmine’s Room is dedicated to the woman of age, the holistic woman, that knows mind-body-spirit is not just a t-shirt slogan, but a purposeful way of living every minute of every day.  Do we always succeed? No, but we remain persistent. 

Yasmine’s Room was created for the woman that loves her body, wants to increase her pleasure, well-being, and is expanding her horizons. 

Our monthly newsletter will provide health and well being information, coupons and sales in our shop, as well as racy erotic or romance story and more.  Our platform is designed with you in mind.  Have a question, you can ask Yasmine and we will reach out to our community of experts and get an answer.  See something you like? You can purchase it directly from our ecommerce shop. Think something is missing? Let us know, and we will research and respond.

Love, pleasure, well-being, you cannot have one without the other.  Make striving for more love, more pleasure and increased well-being as part of your daily ritual. Yasmine’s Room is here to help.