Vibrators 101

How to use a vibrator

A special Yasmine's Room Guide for Women

If you’ve never owned or used a vibrator, don’t fear, you’re not alone! We’ve written this nifty guide just for you!

You may be wondering about the different styles and brands that you may have seen on our online store.  How does it work? Is there a right way or a wrong way to using one? Do I really need one?

All of the vibrators in our shop were designed for women, many of them, by women in order to excite, stimulate and give you an awesome orgasm.  They are easy to turn on and off, with varying speeds, patterns and modes. Most are rechargeable and waterproof.  There is no wrong way to use these vibrators (albeit the Womanizer), nor only one right way.  Bring a level of curiosity and exploration with you when you try any of our recommended brands.  You won’t know what you like until you try it, and try it often. Purchase a great lubricant as well to help glide the vibrator, and a toy cleaner. (Click here for our guide to best Everyday Lubricants).

Once you decide on a vibrator (or two or three!) take some time to get to know it.  If it’s a rechargeable vibrator you will have to charge it fully first. This may take a few hours, so don’t get too excited about playing once it arrives.  Once it’s fully charged, it’s time to experiment! Play with all the buttons, cycle through the modes and patterns.  Wash it prior to first use, check for any sharp edges (there shouldn’t be any on the silicone body safe options we carry) and give it a good wash. 

Ready to move into actual use? Give yourself privacy and time. Play some music to relax, read some erotica, or watch a hot scene from a favorite movie. Get yourself into a relaxed, anticipatory mood. Turn the vibrator on at its lowest setting, and begin using it on your feet, your hands, your shoulders, your neck, your scalp. You can use it anywhere you feel tension. Allow the vibrations to soothe you.  Get a feel for the various speeds and patterns before moving it towards your sacred spot.

As you get comfortable with the feel of the vibrator, the speeds and patterns, begin to explore and move it towards your vulva and clitoris.  Begin your journey on the low setting and work your way up.  You may find the low setting is enough to provide you with the stimulation you’re seeking. Experiment on yourself, play with the pressure and find where you like the vibration best. It may be around the clitoris, around the labia, maybe on your perineum or directly on your clitoris. Careful of your grip, the stronger you hold your vibrator, the more vibration gets absorbed by your hand. Experiment with your touch, from light to strong, discover what works for you, take your time, there is no rush and there is no competition.

What kind of vibrator should I have?

Which vibrator or vibrators should you invest in?  Below is an excerpt from one of our Ask Yasmine forums. (To read the full question & answer click here)

Are you purchasing for self play?

Here are a few suggestions: The Hitachi Magic Wand is the Cadillac of vibrators.  With it’s large tennis ball like head and variable speeds, this machine will definitely give you an all over feeling of good things. It’s also a great personal massager, helping tired neck and sore shoulders find relief.

The Je Joue Mimi Soft is a wonderful, easy to hold personal massager.  Feels great on your clitoris, or any other area that you like to tickle, from your nipples to your perineum.  It is body safe silicone, waterproof and easy to recharge.

The Rianne S Heart, is a sweet, palm sized rechargeable 10-speed vibrator. It has a powerful motor and is made from medical grade silicon.  Perfect for solo or partner play. 

(Click here to read more!)

Is your vibrator safe for penetration?

If you’ve chosen a rabbit, or one of our G-spot vibrators from our guide, they are made with smooth, body safe silicone.  These silicone vibrators will not absorb body fluids, and are safe for penetration.  You can even use a condom over the vibrator along with a hybrid or water based lubricant.

Again, start slow, and low.  As you explore you may find that you want penetration, or you may find you don’t need it.  Stimulating your g-spot can happen by pressing your vibrator against the top of your vagina (towards your belly) or you may find your g-spot internally.  Everyone is different, that is why we urge you to explore your body. Indirect stimulation of your clitoris or your g-spot may be more than enough to climax.  Only you know how your body works.  Take the time to find out.   

For anal play, make sure the vibrator is specifically designed for anal penetration, it should have a flared base so as to prevent it from slipping.  Be safe with anal sex toy play.

If you choose a vibrator that does take batteries, remove the batteries after every use.  This will stop your vibrator accidentally running on low burning out the motor, or the batteries leaking and destroying your device. 

Do you need a vibrator?  

You probably work out, and work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Your vagina is also a muscle that needs exercise.  In particular this muscle provides you with important bodily functions and sexual pleasure.  If you are not using your muscle fully, then you will lose tone and function.  One of these losses is incontinence, the other is a full sex life.

Using a vibrator and incorporating kegel exercises into your life, will keep you vibrant, healthy and strong.  Stress urinary incontinence affects 15 million adult women in the U.S.  that can be caused by pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. A few kegel exercises done daily along with a regular use of a vibrator will increase blood flow to your pelvic region.  It is extremely important to keep this vital area in best of health as you age. It will help you live a longer, vibrant, fulfilling life.   

If after reading this you still have questions, please email us at Now stop reading and go explore yourself.  Most women find they are uncharted territory.  Time to discover yourself!