Friction? Put Some Lube on That!

A finely tuned motor is always in need of lubrication, just like your body! We encounter friction everyday, good news is you don’t have to suffer anymore. Here are our recommendations on how you can feel better by just adding the right lubrication!

Vaginal Dryness: Post pregnancy, peri-menopause, menopause are times when women’s hormone levels are fluctuating which can cause vaginal dryness. Try some of the wonderful lubricants now available on the market, from silicone based, water based, organic, some even contain hemp cbd, and find the right one for you!  We recommend: Intimate Earth Hydra this silky smooth, organic, water based formula. This lubricant is perfect for women suffering with vaginal dryness.  Great as an everyday glide or personal moisturizer.

Massage: Massage, foreplay, lubrication makes it ever so sensual and relaxing.  Try a sampler of massage oils from Kama Sutra’s Sexy Sampler.  

Oral Sex:  A flavored lubricant is only going to add to the excitement! Hemp Seed Edible Massage Oil Gift Set gives you three different flavors to try!  Another one to add to your list is Booty Parlor Skin Honey Kissable Body Toping

Sports: Long distance runner? Cycler? Scuba diving? Lubricants can help with the friction that these and other sports can cause.  UberLube is extremely popular with athletes, give it a try if you’re a weekend warrior!

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